Centre of Environmental Sciences


The story of the Centre of Environmental Sciences

Environmental problems may be the greatest challenges facing society in the 21st century. Since these issues require the collaboration across many disciplines there has been growingrecognition of the value of environmental science which involves natural and social sciences and engineering as well. Our membership of the European Union gave a further boost to environmental science as the EU deals with regulations on environmental protection and nature conservation on higher levels.

The Centre of Environmental Sciences was founded in 1996 in order to coordinate the inter- and multidisciplinary efforts of the faculty of all different disciplines of natural sciences for the promotion of teaching and research activities in the field of environmental studies and for strengthening environmental oriented thinking. 

Members of the Centre belong at the same time to different departments of the Faculty as well.

Our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs are intended for students with an interest 
in an interdisciplinary way of thinking and devotion to environmental issues. These programs
provide not only a balanced and well rounded education for its students to understand the dynamics of both natural and anthropogenic environmental changes but the pleasure of acting for a sustainable future.